Expert Industrial Rigging Service

Crane & Rigging Corp. is a multi-disiplined craft group,
equipped and manned to handle your industrial needs.

Alignment: Leveling and precision optical.

Crafting: Export packing and crating-skids, boxes and containers. Certified Wood Packaging Material (WPM) provider.

Foundations: Equipment foundations, machinery pits, isolation and housekeeping pads, utility and recycling trenches.

Millwrighting: Assembling, leveling, anchoring, modifying, repairing and overhauling all types of industrial equipment.

Moving: Plant relocation, re-arrangement, relocation of all types of equipment.

Plant Dismantling: Disassembly of equipment, machinery, facilities, relocation or disposal.

Renovation: Modify and update existing equipment, clean, paint and realign.

Repairs: Disassemble, inspect,and repair machines and equipment.

Rigging: Heavy and commercial, big or small, we rig them all.

Safety and OSHA: Update modify equipment, guards, walkways, handrails, electrical and mechanical.

Technicians: Skilled personnel to assist plant staff in ongoing projects and maintenance equipment.

Temporaries: Skilled craftsman or semi-skilled labor for shutdown or special cleanup.

Trucking: Heavy hauling - rollback, dump, flatbeds, lowboy trailers, vans, and specialized trailers. Air rides.

Welding: Certified welding for industrial needs.

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